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25; Moldova, Republic of (Spain or Romania)

it´s said that falling in love only takes 7 seconds........ 7···6··5···4··3···2··1 - you´re still not, then GTFO

a little explanation: in this blog you won´t see glamour, luxury or fashion - but you´ll see hard work and creativity .... at least that is my point of view.

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A look inside the new Calvin Klein Collection store in Singapore.
"Control is very easy because control needs only a cultivation of habits. You cultivate habits, then those habits possess you and you need not worry. Then you go on with your habits, they become mechanical and you live a robot life. You may look like a Buddha but you will not be. You will be just a dead stone statue."

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In a way, you are poetry material. You are full of cloudy subtleties I am willing to spend a lifetime figuring out.
"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."
Paulo Coelho  

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this is the guy

lacoste f/w 2013

Olivia Palermo | Ph: Phill Taylor | Paris after the Dior show.